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Announcing the 2015 Winners

Grand Prize Winner

Rebecca McFarland – Margot

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 2.49.48 PM

My mother was an English teacher.  When everyone else was playing outside, I was inside reading classic literature. I spent my childhood with the passionate Jane Eyre, the deep contradictions of Hester Prynne and the outspoken Lizzie Bennett. I think my portraits are an attempt to reconnect to my memories of these women and to the longing inside myself. I want to continue to tell the story of women…how beauty is born from the struggle of our lives. I like to imagine that the women I paint, much like the heroines in classic literature, have considerable rhetorical skills —but since I work in a medium without sound, I hope that I have given them a voice through color, light and my own imagination.


Best Photograph

Katie Ferguson – Selfishlessness

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 2.49.08 PM

All my life, I was the family fixer. Whenever there was an argument among my family or peers, I took on the role of the mediator. Dispensing advice and wisdom was all I knew and I was happy to be that person.

As I grew, the problems I was used to fixing did as well. It was sometimes exhausting, but I knew how satisfying it felt to teach and to be a shoulder to lean on.

But I couldn’t understand why, despite being happy to see my loved ones happy, I began to sink into a deep depression as adult. It wasn’t until recently, within the last few years, that I found my answer. In taking on the role of The Fixer, I never really took care of myself. I would use other people’s problems and arguments to hide behind and ignore my own.

And so I made this image as a reminder to take care of myself.


Best Paint

Rebekah Neel – 8 Months

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 2.49.38 PM

8 Months is a piece made in reference to a number of dear friends and family that have lost infants in various stages of their earliest days. There is nothing like the loss of a baby. The void that was left has to be carried around at all times. When an infant passes away, all of the memories they will have go with them. Their future has been taken, along with their past. It is in this specific place of heartache that you question the existence of the divine.


Best Sculpture

Arsen Petrosyn – Shoes

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 2.49.29 PM

Shoes the way of life.


Fan Favorite

Villa Ubaldo – Tainted By Death

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 2.49.21 PM

The summer of 04, I was very much inspired by the eclectic French due “AIR”. With their sensual, atmospheric, synthesizer disco/new wave sound, they totally effected and influenced the way I viewed and interpreted the world.

Within that time frame I was experimenting with an array of different collage techniques and began to form a new method by using and limiting to only cut and paste, and solid colored fashion magazine articles which would eventually help substitute and veer off from the traditional paints and brushes.

Now Receiving Submissions for 2015

Your story is important. My story is valid. Our story is meant to be heard. The words we voice and the visions we bring to life all reflect the places that we have been, along with the stories of others that have intersected our own. These stories that dot our life’s landscape are told through the art we create as they hang on our walls and sit on our tables. In the Atwater Art Walk our neighborhood becomes an extension of our living room. Our homes are as different as our lives but they all have an equal share in shaping our neighborhood. The Atwater Art Walk hopes to capture and celebrate this diversity as we share our stories with one another through our art.  We hope that this year you will hope to share yours!

Submit for free by clicking on the submit button on the top of this page. 

Submissions due by 5pm on June 7

Event: 5pm to 9pm on June 20 on Glendale Blvd.


$1000 – Grand Prize

$250 – Best Photograph

$250 – Best Paint

$250 – Best Mixed Media or Sculpture

$250 – Fan Favorite

New Atwater Art Walk Director

The Atwater Art Walk is proud to announce that local resident and professional photographer, Don Nocon, will be taking over as the director of the Atwater Art Walk. Don, who won the best photography prize in 2013, was essential to the growth of the Atwater Art Walk’s business community this year. His deep appreciation for both story and art make him the perfect leader for leading the event into its next generation. Nick and Whitney Warnes, the former directors of the event, look forward to continuing with the event in different roles. Quoting Nick Warnes, “We are so glad to hand over the reigns to Don Nocon. He is the perfect person to build upon what has been created in the past four years. We look forward to staying on board and helping Don in every way possible” Say hi to Don through this website at and buy him a cup of coffee if you see him around town. He may even take your picture!

Picture 2

Announcing the 2014 Atwater Art Walk Winners


Presented by: Long Winter Media

Hanne, writer. Santa Monica, CA
Created by: Carla Richmond Coffing



On a hazy afternoon in Santa Monica, Carla Richmond took this photograph of me, Hanne Steen. It is the first recorded evidence of our friendship. Like a time capsule, it holds the moment we first ventured out into the world to create something together, in a city we barely knew, with neither map nor plan, for the pure and simple love of creating.

We were still new enough to Los Angeles that a sign like this one seemed beautiful and rare. It seemed stuck in another era and yet so timelessly Californian. We didn’t talk during the shoot. People passed and looked at me or didn’t look at me, and I lost myself in the reverie of what a woman standing here dressed like this in another time might have felt as people passed and looked or didn’t look. Carla lost herself in the frame, in the light, in the composition.

We have made many more projects together after this one, all for the pure and simple love of it, and eventually created a website where we collect our stories called Herclayheart*.

As individuals we struggle with all the normal things artists struggle with – making a living, trusting in the value of our work, bracing ourselves against distraction and rejection – but together we create for the love of it. This one is precious because it is the first. Because it marks the beginning of a lifelong friendship and collaborative journey for us. And because it captures the seed of our love for this city, which we have both since made our home.

*Herclayheart will soon offer an annual summer scholarship and mentorship to an at-risk teenage girl who is interested in the combined arts of photography and writing.



Presented by: Courtney and Kurt Real Estate

Mama Omega

Created by: Eza Barbosa


Although she may no longer be of this world, she is and always will be the reason for all life and love in a family. It is her unconditional will to teach, nurture, guide and support that truly reflect and translate the beauty and abundance around her. She is firm yet fragile; the foundation and the last say. She is the SOUL provider… & i am privileged to know her at all in this life time.

Perhaps you know her too?



Presented by: Northland Village Church

The Majestic LA River

Created by: Jonathan Canny


I was on a bridge and happened to look down at the right time. I only had time for a few shots before the composition was going to fall apart. We all see amazing moments that are worth sharing, but we cant capture them all. It’s important to share them when we do.



Presented by: Patricia Aleman at State Farm Insurance

“Thanks Doc”

Created by: Eric Staniford


“Thanks Doc” is about a botched surgery my mother received in the 90’s. The doctor left a pair of clamps in her. It was 3 painful years before we found out. At that point the clamp had caused significant damage and scaring. The doctor that was responsible had passed away leaving us with no legal recourse.



Presented by: Bon Vivant

Mending Wounds

Created By: Karla Fundeburk


My most recent Ceramic works evolved out of a re-evaluation of me creative process, my inner vision, and my understanding of the universe as a whole. I have always been fascinated with Science’s expanding understanding of Nature’s laws, like String Theory, M-Theory, and now Multiple Universes. My Ceramic forms are inspired and reflect on these concepts. In particular, the Law of the Conservation of Energy, which states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but merely transformed, and my belief that we all consist of that same energy, transforming and redefining ourselves, inspires my art and my life. As I embrace this multidimensional, multilayered universe, I recognize the infinite points of connections that unify us all to everyone and everything. As we co-exist and consist of that same MATTER, that binds us within this Universe, I breathe that same one breath that weaves us all from that same ONE Whole.


Atwater Art Walk Event Card

Picture 23

Picture 22

Band Schedule for 2014 Atwater Art Walk

Revo Cafe Courtyard
5:00 – 5:45 = Charles McDonald
6:00 – 6:45 = Mataji Booker
7:00 – 7:45 = Joe Normal
55 Degree Wine Parking Lot
5:00 – 5:45 = Whiskey Sunday
6:00 – 6:45 = Albert
7:00 – 7:45 = LA River Bend
Bon Vivant
5:00 – 5:45 = Greg Swiller Trio, Jazz Trio
6:00 – 6:45 = Thais, Brazilian Jazz
7:00 – 7:45 = Zach + Bridget, Indie Singer/Songwriter duo
8:00(15) – 8:45(9) = Bossa Zuzu, Brazilian Jazz
9:00(15) – 9:45(10) = Ham Jam, Rock/Funk

Now Taking Submissions for 2014 Artwalk

Picture 3We are so excited to begin taking submissions for the 2014 Atwater Art Walk! Please click “submit” on the link above to begin the process! We are also proud to announce that once again, all submissions are FREE! (Many thanks to all of the businesses that sponsored the event to make this happen!)

Remember that the Atwater Artwalk prioritizes story. We want to hear about how your art tells your story. Please put some time into the writing section of the submission process so that others can enjoy your story as well! Prizes will also be judged based on the artist’s ability to tell their story through their art and their writing.

Grand Prize – $1000
Best Paint – $250
Best Photograph – $250
Best Mixed Medium or Sculpture – $250
Fan Favorite – $250

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Announcing the 2013 Winners!

Grand Prize


Gabrielle Weber





Like a hummingbird is drawn to a bright colored flower, we are drawn to the beauty that is found in nature. Without it, what would become of us? The world we live in is a balance of light and dark, and just as flowers can be cultivated and grown, beauty and contentment can also be cultivated in our lives.


Best Photography


Don Nocon


Sidewalk Soul

Picture 1


I find a connection with musicians, like we share a creative vein. Instrumentalists and voices that takes their craft to the street speak deep as I respect them for their hustle. It is not a debasement of their craft that they make it accessible to the people but rather a celebration of our connectedness. The dollar or two that someone throws in is the listener’s reply.


Best Paint


Mara Hesed



Picture 3


MARA HESED’S paintings are largely about the power of feminine sexuality and the female gaze.

Mara’s background in theatre has made her naturally inclined toward painting figures in narrative settings. She works unabashedly in a traditional, representational style, juxtaposing her more contemporary, non-conventional world view. Mara is extremely concerned with the historical lineage of her art and her own ongoing pursuit of mastery. It is important to her to represent the people she paints as people, rather than concepts.

Mara creates sensuality and tactility in her compositions through her aggressive brush strokes and her dense layering of paint. This portrait uses paint to convey something both wild and placid.


Best Sculpture or Mixed-Media


Arunas Zvinakevicius



Picture 2


Possessed by bed thoughts.

Fan Favorite


Susanne Krausse


Man Horse


There is a saying that states that life is a dance, I believe this is true. There is a pervasive give and take; also called a to and fro. There are high moments and low moments. Sometimes we stop and take time for reflection and sometimes we jump at chances. This dance is not always done naked or accompanied by centaurs, but it is a dance nonetheless.

I spent a summer in Italy learning these facts about life and about people. While studying the masters, who covered Florence with their artwork, I came up with this painting. I chose to use a mild blur and embellished palette because that is how my time in Italy felt. My trip to Italy was not all easy. It was hot and humid, I was far from my loved one’s and did not speak the language. There were many obstacles to overcome but I came out on the other side stronger and more prepared for life. My time there was transformative; both for my art and for my perspective on life which are often interchangeable. My goal was to communicate that with this piece.

Press Release: 3rd Annual Atwater Art Walk

Congrats to Our 2012 Atwater Artwalk Winners

Grand Prize Winner: Eric Staniford

Pain can cripple, mame, and destroy. That same pain can be used to heal, strengthen and regenerate.

Fan’s Choice: Henia Flynn

I am captivated by the human figure, the expression of emotion, the personality that exudes from every one of us, the stories our faces tell, the thousands of words conveyed by a single gesture; my friend Stella is an especially colorful woman–beautiful, creative, spiritual, inspiring… This image captures a moment of visitation, coffee with a friend, thoughtful conversation, the promise of many more such moments.

Best Painting: Anne Baumgartner

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” Annie Dillard

We moved from Seattle to Los Angeles last year. The world tilted, our youngest child started college, and suddenly we were two souls in a foreign land. Starting a new job and navigating freeways consumed our early days. Making this city home felt like the more difficult task. Everyone asked, “How is is going in LA? Have you met good friends? Do you ever see your kids?” I wanted to give victorious answers and spin a story of success, but each day held a different story. There were tears, laughter, confusion and surprises. In the middle of the messy chaos was me and my life… month by month, day by day.
I saved calendar pages and painted on those for the base of this piece. They remind me of the daily rhythm beneath all of the change. I pasted maps from everyone’s new hometown and odd service tags designed to streamline random process. Layers of bright color contrast with dark spaces. The interesting, accidental shapes reference overlapping life events. We still cry sometimes, and the drips roll down.
As my title suggests, this is a story about hope and future. We are planting new things in the garden. Our daughter described it well, “Whenever we are together, then we are home.”

Best Photograph: Claire Mallett

As a woman and an artist my muse is Pre-code Hollywood and the female stars that dominated that era. From the advent of talkies in 1929 until July of 1934 when the enforcement of a strict set of moral rules and censorship, known as the Motion Picture Production Code (Hays code) came into effect, marked an incredible era in American cinematic history. During this time women on screen were unabashed, strong and free. They were in touch with their sexuality and took control of their lives with no apologies. In this day and age where feminism can be looked upon as a dirty word I look to these women for inspiration. Whether it’s Barbara Stanwyck climbing the career ladder in Babyface, Bette Davis making no excuses as an artist in Ex-Lady or Josephine Baker who not only made a stand for women but also for African Americans at this time. I want the subjects of my imagery to portray the same strengths of power, sexuality and freedom. Aesthetically I am heavily influenced by this era, black and white high contrast images, with an emphasis on shadow and a high design element. My influences in the photographic world are George Hurrell, Man Ray and Edward Weston who were all highly relevant during this time. By combining my deep-seated love of these masters with my contemporary sensibilities I have created my own voice and vision of the female form.

Best Sculpture: Peter Stevens

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