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Hanne, writer. Santa Monica, CA
Created by: Carla Richmond Coffing



On a hazy afternoon in Santa Monica, Carla Richmond took this photograph of me, Hanne Steen. It is the first recorded evidence of our friendship. Like a time capsule, it holds the moment we first ventured out into the world to create something together, in a city we barely knew, with neither map nor plan, for the pure and simple love of creating.

We were still new enough to Los Angeles that a sign like this one seemed beautiful and rare. It seemed stuck in another era and yet so timelessly Californian. We didn’t talk during the shoot. People passed and looked at me or didn’t look at me, and I lost myself in the reverie of what a woman standing here dressed like this in another time might have felt as people passed and looked or didn’t look. Carla lost herself in the frame, in the light, in the composition.

We have made many more projects together after this one, all for the pure and simple love of it, and eventually created a website where we collect our stories called Herclayheart*.

As individuals we struggle with all the normal things artists struggle with – making a living, trusting in the value of our work, bracing ourselves against distraction and rejection – but together we create for the love of it. This one is precious because it is the first. Because it marks the beginning of a lifelong friendship and collaborative journey for us. And because it captures the seed of our love for this city, which we have both since made our home.

*Herclayheart will soon offer an annual summer scholarship and mentorship to an at-risk teenage girl who is interested in the combined arts of photography and writing.



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Mama Omega

Created by: Eza Barbosa


Although she may no longer be of this world, she is and always will be the reason for all life and love in a family. It is her unconditional will to teach, nurture, guide and support that truly reflect and translate the beauty and abundance around her. She is firm yet fragile; the foundation and the last say. She is the SOUL provider… & i am privileged to know her at all in this life time.

Perhaps you know her too?



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The Majestic LA River

Created by: Jonathan Canny


I was on a bridge and happened to look down at the right time. I only had time for a few shots before the composition was going to fall apart. We all see amazing moments that are worth sharing, but we cant capture them all. It’s important to share them when we do.



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“Thanks Doc”

Created by: Eric Staniford


“Thanks Doc” is about a botched surgery my mother received in the 90’s. The doctor left a pair of clamps in her. It was 3 painful years before we found out. At that point the clamp had caused significant damage and scaring. The doctor that was responsible had passed away leaving us with no legal recourse.



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Mending Wounds

Created By: Karla Fundeburk


My most recent Ceramic works evolved out of a re-evaluation of me creative process, my inner vision, and my understanding of the universe as a whole. I have always been fascinated with Science’s expanding understanding of Nature’s laws, like String Theory, M-Theory, and now Multiple Universes. My Ceramic forms are inspired and reflect on these concepts. In particular, the Law of the Conservation of Energy, which states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but merely transformed, and my belief that we all consist of that same energy, transforming and redefining ourselves, inspires my art and my life. As I embrace this multidimensional, multilayered universe, I recognize the infinite points of connections that unify us all to everyone and everything. As we co-exist and consist of that same MATTER, that binds us within this Universe, I breathe that same one breath that weaves us all from that same ONE Whole.