The Atwater Art Walk is proud to announce that local resident and professional photographer, Don Nocon, will be taking over as the director of the Atwater Art Walk. Don, who won the best photography prize in 2013, was essential to the growth of the Atwater Art Walk’s business community this year. His deep appreciation for both story and art make him the perfect leader for leading the event into its next generation. Nick and Whitney Warnes, the former directors of the event, look forward to continuing with the event in different roles. Quoting Nick Warnes, “We are so glad to hand over the reigns to Don Nocon. He is the perfect person to build upon what has been created in the past four years. We look forward to staying on board and helping Don in every way possible” Say hi to Don through this website at and buy him a cup of coffee if you see him around town. He may even take your picture!

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