Your story is important. My story is valid. Our story is meant to be heard. The words we voice and the visions we bring to life all reflect the places that we have been, along with the stories of others that have intersected our own. These stories that dot our life’s landscape are told through the art we create as they hang on our walls and sit on our tables. In the Atwater Art Walk our neighborhood becomes an extension of our living room. Our homes are as different as our lives but they all have an equal share in shaping our neighborhood. The Atwater Art Walk hopes to capture and celebrate this diversity as we share our stories with one another through our art.  We hope that this year you will hope to share yours!

Submit for free by clicking on the submit button on the top of this page. 

Submissions due by 5pm on June 7

Event: 5pm to 9pm on June 20 on Glendale Blvd.


$1000 – Grand Prize

$250 – Best Photograph

$250 – Best Paint

$250 – Best Mixed Media or Sculpture

$250 – Fan Favorite