Grand Prize Winner

Rebecca McFarland – Margot

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My mother was an English teacher.  When everyone else was playing outside, I was inside reading classic literature. I spent my childhood with the passionate Jane Eyre, the deep contradictions of Hester Prynne and the outspoken Lizzie Bennett. I think my portraits are an attempt to reconnect to my memories of these women and to the longing inside myself. I want to continue to tell the story of women…how beauty is born from the struggle of our lives. I like to imagine that the women I paint, much like the heroines in classic literature, have considerable rhetorical skills —but since I work in a medium without sound, I hope that I have given them a voice through color, light and my own imagination.


Best Photograph

Katie Ferguson – Selfishlessness

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All my life, I was the family fixer. Whenever there was an argument among my family or peers, I took on the role of the mediator. Dispensing advice and wisdom was all I knew and I was happy to be that person.

As I grew, the problems I was used to fixing did as well. It was sometimes exhausting, but I knew how satisfying it felt to teach and to be a shoulder to lean on.

But I couldn’t understand why, despite being happy to see my loved ones happy, I began to sink into a deep depression as adult. It wasn’t until recently, within the last few years, that I found my answer. In taking on the role of The Fixer, I never really took care of myself. I would use other people’s problems and arguments to hide behind and ignore my own.

And so I made this image as a reminder to take care of myself.


Best Paint

Rebekah Neel – 8 Months

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8 Months is a piece made in reference to a number of dear friends and family that have lost infants in various stages of their earliest days. There is nothing like the loss of a baby. The void that was left has to be carried around at all times. When an infant passes away, all of the memories they will have go with them. Their future has been taken, along with their past. It is in this specific place of heartache that you question the existence of the divine.


Best Sculpture

Arsen Petrosyn – Shoes

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Shoes the way of life.


Fan Favorite

Villa Ubaldo – Tainted By Death

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The summer of 04, I was very much inspired by the eclectic French due “AIR”. With their sensual, atmospheric, synthesizer disco/new wave sound, they totally effected and influenced the way I viewed and interpreted the world.

Within that time frame I was experimenting with an array of different collage techniques and began to form a new method by using and limiting to only cut and paste, and solid colored fashion magazine articles which would eventually help substitute and veer off from the traditional paints and brushes.